Blogger blogging about bloggers

I know right? What a ridiculous title! But what it meeeeeans, is that I think as a blogger, I seem to be more successful at reading other peoples blogs and commenting on those. My best ideas come when I have just read someone else’s funny blog. Then I seem to be spewing words left, right and centre! When I have to do it myself. Well, it’s harder. I believe that this is, as I seemed to moan (jokingly) about a lot of things when I started out. For instance:  which was my first post, all about how much I dislike ring-roads as we call them. Especially the one around Norwich in the UK. Then there were posts about doggy-poop at the beach and mobile phones. All meant to tittilate and touch your funny bone, albeit with a serious undertone. Now I seem to have run out of things to moan about! I think that’s because I STILL moan about ring-roads and mobile phones in real life. The problems that make me laugh don’t seem to change much, but I can’t go on writing about them for ever, can I? New things do come up of course, like my latest dislike about air-travel. I HATE flying! I have flown, in total, for 25 hours! Yet the latest two of those hours (one flight) made me feel just as bad as the first hour. I don’t enjoy it, never have, never will. Mostly because of that strange feeling of nothing being below me. I like my terra-firma, to be a little firmer than that of an aircraft’s thin metal bits. Also, as I’ve never had a flight lasting more than two hours, (a lifetime for me), I’ve never gotten to enjoy the entertaintment system that long-haul routes seem to have. On my flights, it’s all coach and one tiny, weeny little screen for about 30-40 people in each section, if they have any at all!

Oh I’m sorry, I’ve just done it again haven’t I? I promise not to talk about flying again! Well not in this post anyway. Please feel free to read some of my earlier stuff and tell me of your ‘bugbears’, things you don’t like, or absolutely detest even! Who knows? My blog may even feature in there! I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I’ll leave you with this strange thought I have just had. If someone commits a crime on a road crossing, would the police put up those signs saying “Crime scene, do not cross”? Then you’d be stuck, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, must fly! Whoops!

PS Must just let you know that one of my favourite pastimes, when I get the time, which is only rarely now, is I have a FLIGHT SIMULATOR! It’s just a computer prog on this very machine, but I love it! It’s sort-of safer than ACTUAL flying, as you can go off and make a cup of tea or something if you get bored. Maybe that’s why I hate flying so much, as you have to climb into a real plane and risk life and limb in order to do it. Getting to the other end is the payoff I suppose, but then I can’t settle until I’m back at home, sitting in my favourite armchair, or on here, boring you lot (dear readers)! Oh no, I promised and here I am again. Shut-up about flying already Gilbo! I’m sorry. See you next week? Maybe?


Bad day for a lifeboat



Sunday, 26th July 2015 was meant to be Lifeboat Day, in Cromer, Norfolk, UK. It had been bad weather on the Saturday and so, at the last minute, it was all called off. Cromer has a lifeboat house at the end of the pier, with a slipway, that makes for a dramatic launch, with the lifeboat racing down into the water with a major splash at the end! However, it was cancelled. I heard a lady on the radio say that “We have decided that the weather will be too bad to launch the lifeboat”. Huh? You what? Surely, bad weather is normally the time when you DO launch the lifeboat, isn’t it??? I think that what they probably meant, was that no-one may turn up to see it, due to the bad weather. This has now been rescheduled for another Sunday, being the 9th. August 2015. This should make for a grand day out. The images of a lifeboat above and below, are of the lifeboat “RNLB Lady Of Hilbre” which I believe is a relief lifeboat standing in for the original one based at Wells in Norfolk. I recently had a ‘day out’ to Holkham beach, a little bit down the road from Wells. I always wanted to see where Gwyneth Paltrow had stood in the movie “Shakespeare In Love” and where Stephen Fry had regularly walked on that same beach for the “Kingdom” TV programme. I don’t know if the lifeboat is based here, but this is where it was launched from on this day. I didn’t know it was going to be launched, so that was a bonus for me! I can’t tell you if it was just a practice launch or not, but the tow truck in front, took about half an hour to tow it round the beach to the point it was launched from, so I should think it was just a practice. It was funny to watch it being towed backwards, when I’m more used to seeing them going forwards. I hope this doesn’t sound like I am poking fun at the lifeboatmen though. They are all very brave for what they do and I know I couldn’t do it. The Cromer lifeboat is currently short of volunteers and some of them don’t live close enough to go on a ‘shout’ or whatever they call it in the lifeboat service. So I suppose you could consider this an ‘advert’. I am not saying this officially on behalf of the RNLI though, as I am nothing to do with them, but the service they provide is second to none and apart from giving them a few coins or notes when I can, I am unable to help them in any other way. To become a volunteer, you would obviously have to live close enough to Cromer though and have the stomach for it and the necessary seagoing skills too, I’m sure.

The local RNLI Henry Blogg museum tells stories of the men and boats and their derring do over the years. It is a great place to visit. It is named after one of the bravest men I have ever heard of, Mr Blogg was the coxswain of the Cromer lifeboat and served on lifeboats for 53 years! On the promenade leading up to the Cromer Pier are strips of text, listing some of the ships that foundered out there in the rough waters of the raging North Sea on occasion, and how many lives were saved each time. It is hard to believe that the RNLI has nearly been going for 200 years and is still funded only by voluntary contributions. Anyway, having watched the Wells lifeboat slowly making it’s way around Holkham beach, it reached it’s launch point, where it was lowered from it’s trailer into the water and sped off into the North sea, lit by a rapidly setting sun. I did actually make a video of that, but as it would take days to upload that anywhere, I shall simply leave you with the picture below. After all, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So maybe I should stop all this typing and just upload pictures!


See you next week!