I had an ‘about’ page in another location, so I wondered why people were telling me that it just had the generic text on it? So I must have had TWO about pages! I don’t know how this happened. It may have been that the other page had a different title.

So basically, I am who I am. I love the line in the ‘Twilight’ movie, “I am 18, I’ve just been 18 for a very long time”. I feel like I am 20 & can still do everything I could when I was. I’ve felt like that for 35 years, so work that one out. I am a type 2 diabetic with no symptoms whatsoever. I love writing & that’s why I started this blog. I have done creative writing, as sometimes I write stories. I have recently completed a magazine writing course, that helped with this blog. But I am still learning. I love learning new things & will do so until I have taken & released my very last breath. I hope you like my blog. I am trying to inject a little humour into the world. Please feel free to tell me what you think of it. As I write this, I am still ‘tweaking’ my blog, I shall probably do so for quite some time to come, as so far, I do not have many people commenting on it, although quite a few people seem to read it.

I loved the film “Julie & Julia”, which was based on the blog by Julie Powell, as she attempted (and succeeded I believe) to work her way through every one of Julia Child’s recipes in her book “Mastering the art of French cooking”. I have wanted to ‘do’ a blog myself ever since I saw it. I hope that I eventually reach a sort of success myself. Although I have no wish to become famous or write a book on it yet! So far this about page has been about me, although that may change. I have family and I have friends, but I think an ‘about’ page needs to be about me. Tell me if you think I am wrong in that. So for now, that’s all it shall be. I love these things: film, film sound, home cinema, music, singing, travelling, listening to the world around me and other things, that are too many to mention. I always try to be the best ‘me’ that I can be and try to improve that every day. If I get a few more readers and comments, I shall add a few more tasters, to let you know any more about me, that I can think may be helpful.

As ever, thanks for stopping by.


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