Humbugs for Christmas!

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I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I hope all of my readers had a happy Christmas and to wish everyone a very happy New Years! for 2016 of course.

Maybe I should say ‘all of my reader’, as I’ve still not quite hit the big time, in the wobbly world of blogging and still haven’t grabbed many of you into reading and worshipping my every printed word. But I will keep plodding on, I’ve got something big in the pipeline and hope that people will want to read that. Possibly.

See you next year, dear reader(s)!


Have you ever wished you were ‘there’?

You know the thing. You get the latest holiday brochure for “Summer 2016″ or a Winter one, or ‘Lakes and Mountains” or “Citybreaks”. You sit there for an hour or so, poring over the pages full of images of beautiful, photoshopped blue skies and swimming pools and imagine yourself on one of the sunbeds, with a cool drink, while soaking up the [enter holiday destination here] sun. But then, you ACTUALLY make up your mind to do it and go on to book a holiday in THAT hotel. But when you get there, do you feel like you thought you would feel? Or do you, like I always do, feel that it’s just you, but in another place? Not quite the ‘paradise’ that you imagined? Your meticulously planned once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation, has let you down again.

You paid XXX amount of pounds, dollars or what have you, only to find that your room is full of cockroaches, the pool is just a big, wet space, full of cold water with bits floating on the top. The kids entertainment is so noisy all day, that you wish you had booked into an ‘adults-only’ resort and that’s even when you DO have kids of your own. The food is well, indescribable really. Not because it tastes bad, but because you cannot identify what ever THAT is, you know the lumps of some kind of meat you’ve never even seen before in a hot, brown sauce? At least it comes with rice. Well, I THINK that’s rice? Maybe? I wish everything like that had a label, so you can remember it to recommend to your friends (or warn them away from it)! Then you wish you hadn’t gone ‘all-inclusive’, as you get the same dishes every other day and not the top-quality local cuisine that you expected. I actually had a problem with ‘mosquito’ bites one year. I didn’t find out that mosquito bites don’t look like that, until I got home to find that actually they had been bed bugs! Eeww! Never going there again! I would love to know if there is actually ANYWHERE that is like the dream vacation, we all imagine we are going on?

One thing I do love now though, is Street-View. You know, on the online maps? Where you can actually ‘loiter’ outside your holiday location, to see where it is and even ‘walk’ around a bit. I also love to plan out where the shops and sights are, to save time when I’m there. It also puts me in the mood to want to be there quicker. Obviously there are some places that even they can’t show you, as it’s pedestrianised or something. Now when I come home from holiday, I have a look on there and suddenly wish I was back there! I’m sure the ‘roaches miss me, even if no-one else does!