I don’t do lists. So in light of that, here is mine.

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1) Why does Christmas come around sooner every year? Oh I know there’s at least 365 days between each one, but they somehow ‘manipulate’ that for sure. I’m old yes, but not stupid enough to believe that there was more than 100 days since the last one. Maybe it’s a time thing. ‘Inflation’ or something like that!

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2) Why do women secretly have this wish to wipe out or just blind the male population? Just because they appear to be shorter than us men, (I’m only 5’6”) and go around on cold, rainy and wintry days with the points of their umbrellas pointed at our eyes at an angle of about 45 degrees?

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3) Why do people in London have this ‘London Weighting’ thing? They get paid more, just because it costs more to live there. I understand that. What I don’t understand, is why when I visit there, I don’t get paid more for the time I am there and have to pay grossly inflated prices for everything!

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4) How does Santa enter our houses, now that chimneys are a scarce item in new properties?

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5) Why do multi-storey car parks have to be made, so that when you drive around them, unless you can turn on a sixpence, you nearly bang into every wall and then have the tiniest spaces possible, with lots of dividing walls to cause even more scrapes?

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6) Finally, why is Rudolph the only reindeer to participate in Red Nose Day?

I’d better stop now, or someone else on here may think I’ve stolen her list idea.

I wish someone would give me humbugs for Christmas, then I could go around offering one to everybody, saying ‘Bah, Humbug’?

Meanwhile, just remember that “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to feed and be fed in return”. (With apologies to Eden Ahbez).


I wanna scare ya!

Okay. I know it’s not really scary but, trying to become a better photographer, I’ve been updating my ‘tweaking’ skills. You know, playing around with a photo and coming up with something completely different. Well almost. I took a few pictures of a local Cathedral’s cloisters and kept messing around with one of them until I turned it into this:


(It’s quite a nice Cathedral, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourite haunts). I tried to get it finished in time for Halloween, but missed out by a whole week! Never mind. I still have a long way to go learning wise, but I got loads of likes, peer awards and praise for it on a photo sharing site, so I’m pretty much on cloud nine at the moment. No wonder I’m missing out on blogging so much! Hope you like it.

I missed the post!


I know. I didn’t post anything last week. I can only apologise to my regular readers and hope you can forgive me. But that’s the way I roll? Rumble? Move? Well, whatever you call it. I do try to post every week, but when I don’t, please don’t blame me. It’s only because I couldn’t find anything to blog about! I was going to go on about how, due to the British Guy Fawkes/fireworks night being this Thursday, that Halloween didn’t happen to be quite so big this year. This is because “Families” like to have their fireworks on a Saturday night (see my picture above), when most families seem to be at home. So the little ‘trick-or-treaters’ can’t get out and about so easily, as their parents want to set off lots of loud, bangy things and pretty, flashy things and the like. So anyone who’s gone to all the trouble of decorating the house up and getting loads of sweets in, just for the occasion, are left with loads of those very same sweets! We have a male 22 year old rubbish bin, who will no doubt, help us to dispose of it all. But if I had known that there would be loads of fireworks going off instead, I wouldn’t have wasted all that money on sweets! But like I say, I was going to go on about that, but I won’t, as I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested. As Thursday is actually the Fifth of November, or Bonfire Night as they also call it, we will be having more fireworks going off then and then even MORE fireworks on yet another Saturday night! So pets beware. But did you notice how I’ve gotten the hang of using Italics now? I’m slowly getting the hang of this WordPress thing. you might even say that I’m getting really bold at using it!

Oh Guy Fawkes, where are you, now that we NEED you? (just kidding). Hopefully, if the subject matter allows, I’ll see you next week!