Funny blog? Anyone? No?

Well, that’s it. I knew that last night’s blog post was the funniest thing that I have written in a while. So I just sat back and waited for the comments to come flooding in. “Great post”! “Yeah man, go you”! “Funniest thing I’ve read for years”! “I laughed so much, I ruptured my spleen”! Etc. Only, I’m still waiting for the FIRST comment to come flooding in. I have quite a few ‘likers’ and ‘followers’, but not many commenters. I decided that if I get no comments this week, that I am DEFINITELY, gonna give this whole blogging thing up. One day. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, maybe not the week after the week after the week after that. But, oh blow it, I don’t know how the saying goes. I need to get more readers. Somehow…

5 thoughts on “Funny blog? Anyone? No?

  1. I just stumbled upon this posting and I’m comment on it before I head over to the post you are talking about. Sometimes it is about timing and when people can find the time to read your blog, then make comments. If you enjoy the blogging and the writing process, you should continue. Do it for yourself. And it would help if you had an imaginary stalker like I do. Her name is Cyndi and she finds everything I do awesome. I can also imagine she is extremely good looking and wealthy. Heck, she’s my imaginary stalker, right?

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