Can’t find my latest post?

Hi everyone! If you are looking for my latest post, being Thursday and all, I put it on yesterday as I just couldn’t wait. I know you all sit there with baited breath, awaiting my Thursday posting, but just to confuse you, I posted too early. So there will be nothing being put on here today at all. Sorry. Well, nothing except this of course, but it’s not as ‘funny’ as usual:

The Diabetes Monster!

No. I know. There’s no such thing as a diabetes monster. I have been a type 2 diabetic since 2007. I got a shock upon my initial diagnosis and lost over a stone. That’s about 18 pounds to my American readers. Then I stopped worrying and learned to love my condition. Well alright, I didn’t love it. I didn’t WANT it. But I was getting no symptoms, so didn’t worry about it. Eight years later, I’m STILL not getting any symptoms. But the BS (that’s blood sugar, not the other kind of BS), has gone up a bit.

Someone said to me the other week “Oh you mean you’re blood’s too sweet”. I thought ‘how sweet of her to notice’ only, well, it wasn’t THAT kind of sweet. They say ‘you are what you eat’. So in other words, I AM sugar. Or syrup, or honey, or treacle. Oh stoppit, I’m making me hungry! I must have the worlds sweetest tooth and maybe now the worlds sweetest blood too. For all my brother and sister diabetics out there, no, I’m not eating pure sugar or any of the others. Anymore. There was a time when I could have drunk syrup or poured sugar straight into my mouth. I didn’t, but I could’ve. The worst thing like that I ever did (about thirty years ago), was buy a jar of ‘comb honey’, you know, just a jar of honey, but with a bit of honeycomb in it? I ate that in about three days. I was a pig, I know. But I’m over that now, oink oink! Anyway, my blood sugar readings were going through the roof! My medication was put up to maximum. Then, a revelation!

I was told what the magic word was. Carbs! Carbohydrates, you know like bread, wheat, potatoes, rice, pasta and all the other lovely, tasty things like that. They have to go! Aaawww! I love carbs though. They are the best, tastiest things you can eat. Or so I thought and unlike those endless videos that tell you what their weightloss ‘secret’ is, if you will only watch to the end of the video, (three days later), when you discover that this secret is only available in their instantly downloadable ‘ebook’ and only for ‘X’ number of dollars! I will actually give you this free bit of advice, that my fellow diabetics on a UK forum told me (also free of charge), that carbs are evil! Well no, not evil, but and this doesn’t just apply to diabetics, they not only put up your blood sugar levels, they make and keep you hungry and also keep you fat! I have cut out a lot of the carbs I was eating, even those really, REALLY healthy cereals, with ‘No Added Sugar’ and everything. My blood sugar levels have dropped like a stone and are now well under control once again. Also, for the last few years, I have had an insane hunger, that I thought was uncontrollable! Not now it isn’t, not now I’ve cut my carbs way down.

My dietitians were all telling me that carbs are OK, as long as the bit that says ‘of which sugar’ is low by comparison, meaning how much of those carbs on the label are actually from sugar. So say for example, total carbs are 35g per 100g of product and as long as the sugar part is only a small percentage of that, say 5-10g per 100g, then you’re fine! OK! Hunky-Dory! Rubbish. To a diabetic, ALL of the carbohydrates turns to sugar, which means high blood sugar, bad hunger and more ‘keep fat’ than ‘keep fit’! So dietitians, you’re WRONG, (I think)! So I now aim to eat no more than 50-80 grams of carbs a day. They say you should have 130g a day, but that again, is rubbish. You don’t need to worry so much if you’re NOT diabetic of course, but if you want to lose weight, I can recommend trying a low-carb diet. Of course you should ask your health professional first, I don’t want a law-suit on my hands! Nor can I guarantee that everyone WILL benefit from this. But MY blood sugar levels have gone down, along with my hunger and I am currently losing about one pound a week, it’s not much but hey, after six years of being stuck at the same weight, it’s good to not hear the scales groan so much when I step on them!

So, this is a funny blog? Well it was, but now it’s turned into making a serious point. It just goes to show, that my fingers don’t always type what my brain tells them too. It’s worth it though I suppose. If you can help ONE person they say…Ho hum.

Have a good and sweet weight-losing week dear readers!


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