Father’s Day et al

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I have gotten over my need to post at a certain time, on a certain day. So I’m sticking this on here now, just after 1pm. Sorry it’s not so funny this week.

So it’s father’s day this coming Sunday (21st. June). I’m a father myself and it’s always nice to be told that you’re loved and to receive cards, gifts and maybe to even be taken out for a meal, or a drink.

But and I know I’m not the only person to think this, should we have these special ‘days’? You know, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents day and let’s not forget that old St. Valentines day, when you can tell (if you have one) the person you love, that you do, in fact, love them. Maybe it’s a good thing. I knew a man once, who couldn’t and never did, tell his girlfriend that her loved her. He always used to say that he would ‘when the time was right’. So it was no wonder then, when she dumped him and moved on.

But do we really need that one special day, every year, when we can express our feelings for this relative, or that lover? I always felt ‘forced’ into buying something for my mum or dad, when I obviously loved them both and they knew it. They always liked the cards, but the gifts were a hit-and-miss affair!

I suppose that it’s not such a bad thing really. The card makers and gift sellers always love it I’m sure, when there is a sudden influx of money that they can rely on getting annually. For mum’s, dad’s, grandparents and lovers etc., it’s something to look forward to. I hated Valentine’s day when I was a child, as I knew nothing would be coming through the mail for me. Oh and as a teenager too and maybe in my twenties as well, sometimes. It doesn’t count when your mum sends you one to try and make you feel better though, does it?

But it’s special now. Now I have a love of my very own. I think I’m getting something gift wise this Sunday too. Now there’s another thought, if that ‘day’ turns up, but nothing else does, should you expect something? Or get angry at the lack of it even? Maybe it just slipped their memory. But how that could ever be possible, with all the relevant advertising, slapping you in the face from all directions? It’s a funny old world.

Or, as the old song/saying goes “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return”. But may God help you, if you forget to show it!

                                                      Happy Father’s day to dad’s everywhere!


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